Game Truck Franchise

Start your own business. Become an

owner of Mobile Game Theater

and enjoy the freedom of working

for yourself and having a job that is enjoyable.The benefits of owning a Mobile Game Theater are:

- You will love what you do.
- You can be your own boss.
- Running a Game Theater is simple and easy.
- Unlimited earning potential.
- It's recession proof. There will always be a need. Videos Games and Parties are here to stay.

Why Mobile Game Theater?

- Absolutely zero Franchise Fees.
- You are the sole owner of your Game Theater.
- No Fees beyond the Purchase of your Game Truck.
- We help you with a business model.
- We have an expert Internet Marketing Specialist on     staff to help you market yourself. No charge! It is included in your Game Truck purchase.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out our short form and we will call you for a free consultation. We also encourage you to visit us

in San Diego to see our product and let us teach

you how the system works. Be sure to browse through our pictures and videos to learn more about a owning a Mobile Game Theater.


Why Choose US?

Mobile Game Theater is the best

limousine game truck the industry has to offer. We are the complete gaming

experience on wheels. Our custom

made game trucks can accommodate 28 players

with Seven 55 Inch HD Screens for an unparalleled gaming experience. Each station is equipped with the

latest Xbox, PS3 and Wii. Mobile Game Theater

brings the ultimate game party right to your front

door. Want more information? Feel

free to Contact us at any time. 

What is a Mobile Game Theater?

With Mobile Game Theater you get 7 55 inch HD gaming stations in a plush limousine game theater.

We feature Kenwood Surround Sound, Laser Light show and a neon lit ceiling. It's like a Las Vegas night club for kids! Everything is linked so each player can

play the same game, or against each other. Play

as a team or play different games on each screen.

It is the ultimate gaming experience.

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Game Truck Franchise

January 6, 2011
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