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The concept of a 'Mobile Gaming Unit' is not a new one. Its been around for about 4 years now, and expanding steadily throughout the United States and Canada. Two years ago we invested in a game unit from a company called Rolling Video Games (one of our founders, Graelon Brown is still pictured on their website! We've asked that it be taken down, but Rolling Video Games has yet to respond). For $65,000 we were delivered a game trailer that was nice, though there were issues with that particular unit. We soon realized they weren't built strong enough to last for many years, or much less a trip across the country for delivery.

But that was our first prototype. So we began production of game trailers that were similar to those, but reinforced with additional items that would help ensure its longevity. We sold those game trailers at fair prices, and soon began to adjust our design. Our research showed that though the concept of the 'mobile entertainment units' were already 4 years old, most people hadn't heard of it. Additionally, for those areas where 'game trucks' or 'game theaters' exist, all of the units are relatively the same. Nothing sets them apart from each other.

That led us to a new design with 6 screens, 4 screens inside, 2 screens outside. Immediately we recognized our separation from the competition. People called requesting the trailer with 'the outside screens', and adjusted their party to accommodate our schedule! That design was a great design, built solidly, and received rave reviews. But our design teams weren't done.

It was clear we needed to go over the top with our latest concept, to create a Premier Mobile Gaming Unit that was nicer, cleaner, more brilliant than anything out there. We knew we needed to do this, and yet keep the price equal to, if not less expensive than our competition. This is the design we have today. There is no company right now producing and selling the Mobile Gaming Units with nearly the level of quality that you will find with Mobile Game Theater. Our designs have evolved with the industry, as we stay on the cutting edge of innovation and sophistication.

We look forward to hearing from you, meeting you, and exceeding your expectations.


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January 6, 2011
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