The old adage, "location, location, location" has never been as true in business as it is today and it is just as true when it comes to marketing your game truck. We are here to help you gain that location. Though it has been said countless times by our competitors, the Game Truck business is not a turn key operation. Owning a game truck alone will not get your phone to ring, nor will it book parties for you.

Here is a question that none of our competitors will ever ask you. How are your clients going to find you? Do you have a business plan? Instead, they will tell you this is a turn key operation, that you will have no competition because of exclusive territories, meaning they will not sell one of their trucks to anybody else within a certain mile radius. Well, ask yourself this question: With several companies manufacturing game trucks, is there really any such thing as exclusive territories?

Here at Mobile Game Theater we have the solution, to build you a top ranking on the search engines for your area, and to always outrank your competition. So, no matter how many game trucks are in your city, your business will always be secure.

In the past, you needed the combination of the perfect building location, large yellow page ads, along with expensive television, radio, billboard, or print advertising. All that has changed.

Today, when clients are trying to find you, they will skip all of the advertising noise and go directly to Google, Yahoo or Bing. These high conversion customers--who are specifically and actively searching for a game truck party--will subconsciously trust that: whomever ranks the highest must be the best. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on staff here at Mobile Game Theater has 14 years of success in ranking companies on the search engines. He will build that success into your business plan and keep you ahead of your competition at no extra cost to you.

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